Added Services

In addition to extensive in-house Secondary Operations, we provide our customers with a wide range of Added Services that help them run their businesses more efficiently and cost-effectively. We have become a valued partner to some of the world’s most prestigious manufacturing companies.

  • For many customers we provide full Contract Manufacturing services. We manage assemblies of products that include parts we supply as well as parts that we coordinate from other types
    of vendors. We can manage any level of complexity in supplying completed product to your specifications.

  • We can work from long-term orders with releases that are adjusted based on customer demand and Kanban pulls to support Just-In-Time manufacturing requirements.

  • Computerized job tracking.

  • Bar code labeling.

  • Special certifications.

  • Custom packaging and assembly.

  • We are able to coordinate intricate delivery times and multiple destinations, often responsible for delivery to our customer’s customer.

  • We have capabilities for Electronic Data Interchange with your purchasing and materials control systems.